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Choose Your Dimensions

With each automated aluminium louvre within an Umbris roof available at 4250mm long and the maximum depth of an Umbris roof reaching 6.5m a single field of an Umbris roof can easily cover over 27m2 of an external patio area.
The Umbris automated louvres are completely custom made for width and depth to ensure a uniform and clean roof design at all sizes of roof.
Continuous roof fields can be connected together, without extra thick double framing, to create even larger automated louvre roof installations.
Even with multiple roof fields the span between each supporting post can reach up to 7m, reducing the breaks in views from beneath the Umbris protection.
When looking to cantilever an Umbris automated louvre roof from a building you could be looking at a projection of up to 2m, these can project up to 3m from the fixing wall with the support of tie rods. 

Choose Your Design

Create a truly architectural addition to your project by customising the design of your Umbris patio roof.
Of course you can select the colour of your Umbris construction from a wide range of RAL colours, but there are so many other design choices available when you choose an Umbris patio roof.
 The vertical supporting method of your Umbris automated louvre system can be used to create a unique architectural feature to the patio roof. You could offset the corner supporting posts for an open corner, or consider extending the supporting legs and water outlets for an interesting architectural feature.
If your building design allows it we could cantilever or support the Umbris patio roof solely from the building itself, negating the need for vertical legs and creating the illusion of a ‘floating’ patio roof design.
Integrating vertical design elements is a popular option to provide additional shading or privacy. Framed vertical louvres, either as automated aluminium louvres or fixed timber versions, can be used instead of leg posts to support the Umbris construction.
Use vertical glass panels to provide wind protection whilst maintaining transparency or integrate vertical external blinds or curtains.
There are so many ways in which you can alter a simple patio roof to your building design or garden space with Umbris, ensuring that your Patio Roof installation is as unique as you design.
View our inspiration page for more examples of how you could alter your Umbris installation to suit your design. 

Choose Your Additions

Numerous additional elements can be incorporated into an Umbris Patio Roof installation to create an inviting and comfortable external living space.
External LED lighting can easily be integrated into the Umbris roof fields which are controllable via the Umbris remote control or wall switch with dimmer functions. If you have additional smart home automation within the home Umbris controls can be integrated to provide smart home or tablet control to your Umbris as well.
Alternatively you can install a suspended light fitting within the Umbris roof construction, perfect over external dining areas or tables.
An integral audio Bluetooth system within the Umbris patio roof can allow you to play music through built in speakers straight from your Bluetooth enabled audio device.
External radiant heaters can enable your Umbris patio area to be used throughout the year. These external heater elements can easily be added to your Umbris roof for a warm, comfortable heat source that can be used all year round. 
Umbris by IQ can offer the exclusive HeatStrip external heaters for a contemporary and minimal design to your external heaters. Click here to find out more.

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