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Floating Umbris, 1 field

Fred De Ridder, architect:

I chose Umbris because the idea behind Umbris is as clever as it is simple: Umbris is a waterproof patio roof, thanks to the rain sensor, and the tilting slats provide the ability to adjust your sun protection at any moment to completely fulfil your wishes.

As well, there is the effect that Umbris has on the lighting of your indoor and outdoor living spaces. The striped shade and the dimmable lights are really attractive. 

Furthermore, Umbris' contemporary design is a true asset to our home. Our Umbris was purposely not placed against our walls to create a feeling of space and light. All you see is the essence of Umbris and that in itself brings serenity.

"The idea behind Umbris is as clever as it is simple." 
Fred De Ridder, architect


I particularly value the double function of being waterproof and having sun protection. The contemporary design and simplicity of Umbris are also appealing.
Initially, I did not need convincing, because I discovered the ingenious nature of Umbris long before I decided to order one. However, in the process of designing and installing Umbris, I saw what all architects like to see: the cleverness of the idea is present in every detail. Once you are working with Mebo, you will realise that Umbris is the result of a search for a complete solution.

For our all-weather roof, Mebo proposed to use reinforced slats and in doing so, our Umbris has a certain 'lightness', which makes it even more special.

Because we integrated lighting and heating into our Umbris, we use our garden a lot more now. I might even say that we now have an extra living space in our home. The terrace roof is also enchanting to look at from inside the house, during the day as well as at night.


First off, I want to mention that this was my first time working with Mebo, therefore I was unbiased at the start of this project. In short, everything went as promised and the collaboration was simply perfect -- detailed drawings, short but effective meetings, everything was communicated correctly. Minor issues during installation were handled professionally and seamlessly. Moreover, you will notice that Mebo maintains very high standards in terms of installation. And that gives you a great feeling of satisfaction as a client/architect. The entire Umbris team was highly dedicated to our project. But Umbris is a lot more than just getting your money's worth: it's a source of daily delight!

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