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To create an external living area that can be used all day and night numerous lighting options can be built into your Umbris installation.
LED dimmable spot lights can be integrated into the roof field profiles and come in 4 different light ‘shades’ to create the lighting effect required. Alternatively, a series of LED strip lights can be built into the sides of the roof fields for a dramatic lighting design.
For a more traditional design a single suspended light can be installed into the Umbris roof design, perfect for use over an external dining area.
All lighting can be controlled via the Umbris remote control or via a smart phone app

Audio System
Speakers can be built into the Umbris roof field profiles allowing you to play your music collection through the patio roof, extending entertainment areas outside. You can either connect a music device to the integrated audio system via Bluetooth or a docking station.

Weather Sensors
Do you want your Umbris automated patio roof to react automatically to changing weather? Then incorporate a weather sensor into your design. An optional rain sensor will automatically close the moving louvres when the rain begins, creating a water tight roof above your patio. 

Additional Weather Protection

By integrating glass elements, external curtains or vertical louvres an Umbris by IQ Louvre Roof can be designed to provide extra levels of protection from the elements.
Vertical fixed louvres in any number of materials can be used to provide an additional element of weather protection or privacy and can be easily integrated into the Umbris louvre roof structure.
Externally graded curtains or blinds can provide a wind break and be closed for solar shading or privacy when required. 



Rather than chunky and industrial looking external heaters, HeatStrip heaters from Umbris are designed to be minimal and unobtrusive to the external living area design, whilst providing comfortable heat to enable use of the al fresco living area all year around. 
The external radiant heating panels can be easily integrated into the Umbris roof structure for a modern design option for your external heating requirements.

The black radiant heating panel stays black throughout the heating process, with no ‘red glow’ produced when providing its comfortable heat. The casing for each radiating heat panel is made from high grade aluminium with multiple mounting options avail ale to ensure maximum comfort to your patio or external living area.
Even with its minimal design, the HeatStrip heaters can heat your patio area in less than 10 minutes; with 3 size options available depending on the size of your patio you can create a comfortable external living area in an energy efficient way. 


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