Water Outlet Louvres Roofs

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Columns and water outlet

Because the Umbris roof is not composed of different connectable parts, even in the case of larger coverings, double columns are not required. The position of the columns may be adjusted once the stability of the resulting structure is fully considered. Columns may be fastened to the ground using either a plate or hidden fasteners.

Water Outlet

With the integrated water collection and drainage designed into each automated louvre any collected rain water is invisibly drained to the Umbris roof field profile where all water drainage is simply and effectively carried away from the roof.
The water then needs somewhere to go. All water outlets are designed to suit each individual Umbris installation to ensure that the water drainage system is as contemporary and neat as the rest of your installation and design.

If supporting leg posts are used to support the Umbris patio roof then the water outlets can easily be integrated into these supporting elements. You could incorporate an opening into the bottom of one supporting leg to drain any collected water away either on ground level or underground, connected to an existing drainage canal.
For Floating or Cantilevered Umbris Patio roofs you can direct water drainage wherever is required for your building design. Perhaps you want to use an integrated spigot within the Umbris roof field profiles to direct water drainage into a flower bed or water feature. You could connect a chain drain to this to focus water flow. Or connect a pipe for controlled water direction.
As you can see the water outlet options are almost as diverse as the design options for an Umbris patio roof itself.
All possibilities will depend on your Umbris design, the size of the patio roof and location of the Umbris installation. The idea is to design the water outlet for the Umbris patio roof to be as neat and contemporary as the rest of the Umbris design for a fully thought out patio roof installation. 

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