Roof Sections, Automated Louvre Fields

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The roof sections of an Umbris automated louver roof are referred to as ‘fields’. The Umbris roof fields are created using expert metal manufacturing techniques with specialist welded joints, perfected over years of creating bespoke metal structures. The 4mm thick aluminium casing used for each Umbris roof field allows us to push the boundaries of what is possible from a patio roof, creating large spans, long projections and slim field profiles.
The dimensions of a single roof field will depend on the supporting method and the direction of the louvres installed within the roof field. For example if a single field is attached to a building and supported via legs it can project up to 6.5m from the building with a maximum width of 4.25m (the maximum length of a louvre).

Multiple roof fields can then be connected together to create larger canopies for patios, terraces or outdoor living areas. These connecting profiles are constructed from the same high quality aluminium as the roof field profile and the connecting junction is kept as slim as possible, no need for double profile framing here.
All motors, water drainage gutters and electrical elements are integrated and installed within the Umbris roof field profiles creating a neat and contemporary patio roof design as well as protecting these features from the elements.
The automated louvres are installed within the roof fields, and connected invisibly to the water drainage and motors, to create your contemporary automated louvre roof system.

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