Integrating Sliding Glass Doors

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Summer Advantages:

The Umbris Louvre roof is a perfect addition to a garden if you want to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the seasons. The automated louvres within the roof can be turned and rotated to provide the perfect amount of shading to all external living spaces below.
By integrating our frameless sliding glass doors into your patio roof design you can also help protect your garden living space from cold breezes which may interrupt a lovely summer evening outside.
These frameless sliding glass doors do not interrupt the view of your garden, even when closed. When the weather is warm enough the glass sliding doors can slide back for seamless access to the garden space.
Incorporating LED lights into this roof will also allow you to enjoy the warm summer evenings in your outdoor living space with the ideal amount of ventilation coming through the sliding glass doors into your living space.

Winter Advantages:

An outdoor living area in the winter would be ideal for incorporating sliding glass doors as they will act as an extra barrier from the wind and rain, keeping the room warm and dry in the winter.
Incorporating frameless sliding glass doors onto your outdoor living space with an Umbris louvre roof is ideal as you are able to add features from Umbris that will help to create a fun and comfortable living area. Umbris HeatStrips, Bluetooth speakers, and LED lights can all be incorporated into these patio roofs meaning you don’t have to waste money on extra heating and electricity bills.

There are many products that can be integrated onto an Umbris louvre roof to enhance the outdoor living experience. Frameless sliding glass doors can be incorporated into our patio roofs to create the perfect outdoor living space, ideal for an outdoor home office. The use of the sliding glass doors will help to create the perfect entrance to an outdoor living space as well as being able to create an indoor-outdoor living experience.

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