Support and Fixing Louvres Roofs

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Support and Fixing for Patio Roofs

An Umbris patio roof support and fixing design will depend entirely on the size, location and preferred aesthetic of your Umbris patio roof installation.
Supporting columns, or legs, can be used to support the Umbris automated louvre roof and can also couple as the water outlet option for your roof design.
These legs are constructed from a 4mm thick aluminium casing for a robust and slim supporting leg design. Due to the advanced construction techniques used to create an Umbris patio roof, and the quality of the aluminium roof design, you can also create large expanses between these supporting legs – great for larger patio roof installations.
You can have up to 7m between each supporting leg of an Umbris roof, minimising the interruptions to the internal views and creating a neater and more minimal patio roof design.

These supporting legs can also be extended, or offset, to further reduce their impact on views from beneath the Umbris canopy.
For the appearance of a ‘floating’, or unsupported, terrace cover your Umbris installation can be design to fix and be supported by your building structure or via tie rod supports. The design capabilities and maximum spans will depend on your building support and sizing method.
For example, Tie Rod supported Umbris roofs can project up to 3m away from the fixing wall or you can fix the Umbris installation on at least two walls for a ‘floating’ roof design with no visible supports.
All required support and fixings will be designed by us in conjunction with your design desires and building construction. 

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