Motor, Automate Louvres

 Contemporary Design Contemporary Design
Perfectly BespokePerfectly Bespoke
Solid, one-piece compositionSolid, one-piece composition
 Complete Design Concept Complete Design Concept
A Robust WarrantyA Robust Warranty
An impeccable finishAn impeccable finish
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Motor for Automated Louvres

The motor for the Umbris automated louvre roof is built in, inside the welded field profiles. Not only does this encapsulation create a neat, smooth and contemporary patio roof design but it also protects the motorised components of the Umbris.

The Umbris motor system is protected from all negative outdoor influences, such as wind, rain, hail snow etc.

Because the Umbris motor, that allows the automation of the louvres, is completely hidden and built into the patio roof structure the Umbris automation system carries a hefty 5 year warrantee, unmatched by most other external automation systems.

The horizontal louvres within the roof fields connect to the motor within the field casing to allow them to be automatically rotated when needed to provide either a sunny, shaded or water protected space below.

As each Umbris design is bespoke so is each motor construction. Made from external grade stainless steel componentry the motor and movement of the automated louvres is almost silent, creating a peaceful and inviting al fresco living area. 

The Umbris motor runs on 24V and all its electrical writing and componentry are built within the aluminium field casing. The location of the outlet for the cabling is designed to suit the project and attached building shape and configuration to create an easy ‘plug and play’ electrical component.

Each roof ‘field’ requires a motor to allow control to its own automated louvres but only one electrical input is needed. The Umbris simply needs to be connected to an electric power source for it to work simply and effectively. 

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