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Louvre Roofs: Endless Customisation

The design and finished aesthetic of your Umbris automated louvre roof is almost completely customisable to create unique and bespoke patio roofs for architectural designs.
As well as the many options for support and fixing designs available with Umbris, allowing you a broad scope for creative licence in the structure design, there are many other aspects of Umbris installation that are customisable for a unique and contemporary installation.
Not only is the colour finish of your patio roof chosen from any RAL colour, you could also choose different colour finishes for the roof and leg casings and louvres. 


Additional protection or supporting elements can be integrated to create the design and function required for your installation. Add a cantilevered louvre field of fixed slats to the edge of your supported Umbris installation for added solar protection. This projecting canopy could be designed in timber or aluminium.
Vertical fixed louvres in timber or aluminium can be used to simultaneously support and provide protection to an Umbris louvre roof. By fitting the fixed louvres within a structure supporting outer frame these louvres can replace legs as vertical supports. 
Wind protection can be added by incorporating frameless glass screens, either fixed or sliding, into the side of an Umbris installation, automated wind and water screens, or curtains for element protection from wind, rain and sun. 
Almost anything is possible so contact us for further design guidance. You can also view some interesting past projects at our Case Studies section.

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