05 September 2016


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05 September 2016

How to Create the Perfect Al Fresco Seating Area

05 September 2016

How to Create the Perfect Al Fresco Seating Area

Alfresco seating areas have become the latest trend and must-haves of 2016. However, we are now looking beyond the decking and trendy outdoor furniture to create the perfect alfresco space. Many homeowners are seeing the value of adding a permanent weatherproof garden roof to their home, creating an indoor-outdoor environment that can be enjoyed all year round which adds value to the property.

Nevertheless, landscaping your garden can prove almost as much work as renovating or building your new house – but ultimately it can be just as rewarding. Using an external solar shading solution, can help create the contemporary garden design desired. 

Adding a contemporary canopy offers additional living space for use all year long, it enables an indoor outdoor living experience creating an idyllic Al Fresco seating area. 

Contemporary canopies, louvre roofs and solar shading structures can all be designed to suit your garden and property. Whether you desire a garden retreat with a freestanding canopy or if it’s purely a solar shading solution then a cantilevered option from a property wall or supported by columns, there are endless design options to achieve the perfect bespoke design. 
UK Weather Warning! On a more often than not basis it rains. 

Garden Designer’s top tip: A contemporary canopy that can provide a fully watertight patio roof and has been tested to a suitable rainfall intensity will provide you with a more useable living space. 

Adding the luxury extras onto a contemporary patio roof allows the seating area to become a space for all seasons; with integrated drainage, lighting, heating and a Bluetooth connected audio system.

Contemporary canopies create the perfect al fresco seating area and entertaining spaces. With tailor made installation enabling a bespoke, unique design whilst adding the architectural design to your garden.  Substantial canopy sizes can be achieved to create the ultimate al fresco seating area. Using a high grade aluminium canopy, vast 7m gaps between supporting posts can be designed to obtain your garden views. This permits a perfect covering for a large expanses of outdoor seating areas or impressive roof terraces.

Contact Umbris UK for more information regarding our contemporary garden louvre roof or to make an appointment to visit the new Umbris Zone. 
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