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Two post supported on one edge, supported by garden wall on other edge. 


An external Hot Tub Roof was created using an Umbris Louvre roof within this modern garden design.
The Umbris Louvre Roof stands within the large rear gardens of the private house, creating protection and shade to the external relaxation areas. Below the Umbris Louvre Roof sits a luxurious external hot tub, on the wish list of many garden projects. 
Here the Louvre Roof covering the Hot Tub has many benefits. Firstly, the automated louvres of the Umbris system allows the home owners to choose to relax on either a sunny or shaded patio space as they wish. Secondly, when the louvres are closed flat, they create a fully watertight hot tub roof to allow this relaxation space to be used throughout the year.
Relaxing garden oasis’s are a popular feature of larger garden designs where home owners wish to create a relaxing space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life within their garden. Here the Umbris Louvre Roof helps these home owners use their relaxation area for more of the year.
The bespoke integrated LED spot lights that can be directed and positioned with flexibility allows the outdoor hot tub and seating area to be used day or night.
One edge of the Hot Tub Roof is supported against an existing garden wall that was painted and renovated as part of the garden works. The other edge of the Umbris Louvre Roof is supported by two leg posts. One of these leg supports is also used as the drainage post to take water away from the automated louvres and roof profile to create that watertight roof that is so important for external living spaces in the UK!


Colour & Finishes - RAL 9006 Matt
Size - 3000mm wide x 6000 mm long
Bespoke LED Spot Lights

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