St Lawrence

 Contemporary Design Contemporary Design
Perfectly BespokePerfectly Bespoke
Solid, one-piece compositionSolid, one-piece composition
 Complete Design Concept Complete Design Concept
A Robust WarrantyA Robust Warranty
An impeccable finishAn impeccable finish


2 roof fields supported by 4 vertical columns
Water outlet through 1 column in front feeding into water feature
Electrical supply through 1 column at the rear


This freestanding Umbris construction was designed as a standalone garden roof for a family home.
The introduction of an Umbris terrace cover within the garden design created a protected al fresco seating area that can be used throughout the seasons.
The unique garden design cantilevered the patio area over a water feature which provided us with a perfect solution for the water outlet. All rain water collected from the automated louvres and the garden roof drains into the surrounding field profiles and through the supporting post leg, into the water feature.
In sunny weather the automated louvres within the garden roof provide controllable light and sunshine with the home owner deciding whether they want to sit in a sunny or shaded environment.
When raining the louvres can be closed flat creating a watertight terrace cover.
These types of al fresco seating and entertainment areas, separated from the house itself, are becoming increasingly popular with home owners looking to enjoy their gardens for more of the year. An Umbris automated louvre system is the perfect option especially when looking for both shading and water protection.
Consider including LED lighting and heaters to create an even more inviting seating area. 


4790mm wide x 4790mm long


RAL 9006

Home Owner Testimonial

"We chose Umbris to cover our terrace because we wanted a sun protection system that we could control ourselves. Out of all the available options, Umbris’ contemporary design and tailor-made options attracted us the most. The impeccable finish convinced us to choose Umbris. We are also very satisfied with the installation of our all-weather roof and the service provided. "

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