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 Contemporary Design Contemporary Design
Perfectly BespokePerfectly Bespoke
Solid, one-piece compositionSolid, one-piece composition
 Complete Design Concept Complete Design Concept
A Robust WarrantyA Robust Warranty
An impeccable finishAn impeccable finish


An Umbris patio roof was included on this modern house design by architects De Ridder. The automated louvre roof sits over an enclosed external patio area and appears to be ‘floating’ with no vertical supporting posts.
This was achieved by supporting and fixing the Umbris patio roof field directly to the courtyard walls, negating the need for vertical posts and creating a minimally, contemporary design.
A single water outlet was designed for the single field terrace cover to feed directly into a flower bed in the patio below, continuing the minimal design.
The Umbris terrace cover provides controllable shade to the external seating area, protecting it for sun and overheating. Similarly, in wet weather the Umbris automated louvres close flat creating a water tight cover over the patio seating area – perfect for using the al fresco seating area all year round!


A floating patio roof design
Roof constructed of 1 field
1 gargoyle as water outlet feeding into flower bed 


  • Colour/Finishes: RAL 7044
  • Size: 4250mm wide x 5400 mm deep
  • 2x external radiant heaters
  • 8x integrated LED lights
  • A rain sensor


Fred De Ridder, Architect:
I chose Umbris because the idea behind Umbris is as clever as it is simple: Umbris is a waterproof patio roof, thanks to the rain sensor, and the tilting slats provide the ability to adjust your sun protection at any moment to complexly fulfil your wishes.
Umbris’ contemporary design is s true asset to our home. Our Umbris was purposefully not placed against our walls to create a feeling of space and light.
I particularly value the double function of being waterproof and having sun protection. The contemporary design and simplicity of Umbris is also appealing to me as an architect. 

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